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We CONNECT a company'sproducts to something greater.

“Uncorporate” DINNERs

Targeted Team Building Experiences

We’ve reinvented the typical business dinner in unexpected ways, using a multi-chef, multi-sensory, pop-up format with story-filled dishes that can reinforce your strategies and values through meaningful interactions and facilitated conversations. 

When you need to gather your teams and make it count, we help catalyze essential connections with our UnCorporate Dinner experiences.


how it works

We believe that designing for human connection is one of the most important leadership skills of the digital age.


Engagement is essential within hybrid and remote working environments.  How we gather matters, because it has a direct correlation to the contributions that teams make with their work outputs.


Employees are simply more productive when they are bonded with their peers and aligned with their organization’s mission.


With our UnCorporate Dinner experiences, we blur the lines of a leadership development workshop and team building, as we facilitate a delicious meal that’s filled with storytelling and food interactions that inspire conversations that matter.

Client Case Study

video above: Meet our client,  Jim, VP of sales for a global ingredient company, with a commitment to creating a supportive and engaged workplace where his remote and hybrid workforce can thrive.
video above: We welcomed Chef Eric Vollono, as a feature guest chef, to our Symrise “ReBoot the Mission” themed “UnCorporate Dinner” in Nashville. Eric is owner of Chef Eric Vollono Private Chef Services & Wok Paper Scissors of Denver, CO.


Playful Team Building Experiences

Check out our client case study in the video above and to the right for testimonials.

Are you an established food brand focused on workplace inclusion throughout your diverse employee base?


Perhaps you are scaling a startup where employee culture needs to be maintained amidst rapid growth? Brand loyalty is driven by company culture.


For both food startups and established CPG’s, the need for fluidity between between your ever-evolving personnel, your product portfolio and the company’s mission is essential

how it works

We use food to strengthen the connection your employees have with one another and the brands they are building.


There is no better way to establish these organic connections than through a team build using popular formats that until now, were only chefs on TV.


Our “pop up” cooking adventures are customizable for onsite and off-site venues. NO KITCHEN REQUIRED from 50 – 250 participants.


  • Chopped Style – highly competitive
  • Shark Tank Ideation – competitive
  • Farm to Table “In Nature” – collaborative
  • Community Kitchen NFP – collaborative

Client Testimonial

video above: Meet our client,  Jim, Chief Product Officer for an alternative protein startup, with more than 30 years experience in CPGs.
video above:  How do we do what we do, well? Jim shares his perspective on blending his employees’ training needs with Well Beyond Food Project’s experience design and team building formats.
video above: What’s in it for you and your organization? Our client, Jim, shares some insights around his intention to work with with Well Beyond Food Project and his ROI.

Speaking, Training Workshops & Retreats

Are you tired of the old same speaker lists, canned speeches and played out topics?



Perhaps you want a speaker that’s experienced, yet brings a fresh perspective through the universal platform of food?


If you spend a few moments talking with Ryan, find out how he can tailor his experiential platforms around your audiences’ needs and goals.


If you want organic engagement that hits all the senses, as well as authentic messages themed around connection, wellness and authenticity, then look no further for your keynote speaker, wellness trainer or retreat producer.


Ryan draws his content and inspiration from his own personal health challenges and more than 15 years experience producing wellness programs as an entrepreneur and consultant.


In tandem with his inspiring food philosophies and charismatic communication style, he uses food both literally and metaphorically to teach and inspire.


Through thoughtful storytelling, his multi-sensory experiences have earned him speaking opportunities with our nation’s leading healthcare corporations and medical systems.

How It Works

We use food to reinforce messages focused on good food, optimal living and the importance of human connection. 



  • Culinary Nutrition Wellness Workshops & Seminars
  • Half & Full Day Retreat Production & Speaker Procurement
  • Keynotes
  • Interactive Webinars & Workshops


Does your company need support showcasing the features and benefits of your product portfolio?


Maybe your brand needs authentic engagement to drive customers through an immersive, chef-driven experience? The traditional in-store product sampling has limitations with customer experience.


From cooking execution and presentation, to charisma and content delivery, these factors are essential to the customer experience.

how it works

Our talented & personable team will customize and creativity showcase product applications to tell your brand’s story and your products’ features and benefits.

  • Live-cooking & training demos
  • Product tasting & cuttings 
  • Interactive chef stations

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