Introducing the Well Beyond Food Project

The Well Beyond Food Project: Post #6

New Beginnings: Watch the Video Below
I’d finally like to introduce The Well Beyond Food Project. We use food to create meaningful connections that shift perspective and inspire change.
I believe the world could use this, now more than ever. It’s origin stems from an epic burnout more than 6 years ago. My flame smoldered for years, until this past year.
My relentless curiosity for meaning slowly fanned the flames that brought me back to myself, where I’d been waiting the whole time.
To those who’ve patiently listened and offered perspective, I’m baaaaack. To my clients, family & friends who embraced me & my projects during the early stages, I’m grateful.
To Sam Hoyle the storyteller who brought my expressions to life in video form along with others to follow, I’m indebted. To Galen Lundin who helped me see, I’m committed.
To those who’d like to learn more about how we can serve your organization’s needs, I’m honored.
TY for your direct contributions to bring the The Well Beyond Food Project online. Whether you are prospective client or a supporter through your council, strategies or artistic guidance, I’m so fortunate to have these opportunities in my life.

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