ReCONNECTING To Better Serve Others

Recently, The Well Beyond Food Project had the privilege of gathering an esteemed group of philanthropists for a meal and meaningful conversation. We like to think of our gatherings as “Meet & Eats” but it goes deeper than that.

As legal experts from both academia and private sectors, this group champions the Bluhm Legal Clinic and its legacy as a “real world” law school training program. 

Housed within Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, the Bluhm Legal Clinic, its faculty and alumni mentors “provide law school students with real world experience, by serving those who need a voice”.

This gathering signified reconnecting, evaluating and strategizing, in-person, for the first time since Covid began more than two years ago.

Hosts, Chris and Carol, epitomized hospitality by welcoming guests into their home. In turn, we used our first course to shift the dynamic of a traditional, passive, multi-course meal.

Whether my diners are friends or strangers upon arrival, I’m intentional about connecting them as soon as I land the first course.

In this case, we created a hands-on experience where diners co-created edible art on each other’s plates. This instilled a tone of curiosity and playfulness, which is the gateway to meaningful conversation, even amidst contrasting viewpoints.

This translates to doing great work, because the Bluhm legal Clinic connects underserved populations with legal advice and representation across Chicagoland. The range of clients served is wide reaching including teenagers tangled in an unjust juvenile legal system and entrepreneurs in need of affordable legal advice. 

The hospitality of a good meal and casual conversation are pivotal in reconnecting us after more than two years away from our friends, family and colleagues. How can we help connect you?

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