Ryan’s Guest Spot on the “Experience Strategy Podcast”

I chased the ‘celebrity chef’ title in a PR flurry with countless media spots from 2008-2015. It felt empty and false when it manifested and so I burned out and disappeared, painfully. Until now…

I’m baaaaaack, and for the first time I share where I’ve been healing and what I’m now doing with a recent interview on The Experience Strategy Podcast. Thank you to hosts Dave Norton and Aransas Savas, titans of #experiencedesign and strategy industry from Stone Mantel, for the platform and tools you shared.

Dave and Aransas opened my eyes to an incredible line of work that they do with brands, to help connect missions, products and services to their employees and their end users. I learned a lot about the value I provide in my own services because of them. 

Like me, if you sell services that create impact and you want to know how to position outcomes so you can better measure them, give this a listen.

If you simply want to hear how I blend culinary arts into a platform that connects people with my company The Well Beyond Food Project, that’s cool too.

Lastly, if you believe that “your are not your work” but don’t know how to separate yourself from that identity or if you wonder what a HARD reset in life can actually conjur, this might suit you as well.

I am not my work and need no titles in order to validate what I do now and how I do it. This freedom to “be” has me feeling light, refreshed and hopeful. 

Perhaps you already learned this for yourself, or perhaps, this is exactly what you needed to read as you take another step towards being “you”. A tip of the hat to you all. 

Onward to new levels and different devils.

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