Family, Food & Play at Cousin Will’s 41st Bday

Sunflower Seed Crusted Cod

Sunflower Seed Crusted Cod

The Well Beyond Food Project: Post #2

photo: Jen Borkoski

Celebrating my cousin Will Julius Haverkamp‘s 41st birthday was a time to reconnect and celebrate the spirit of what we’d missed over the last 16 months. We cooked together, played games, swam and laughed a lot… like carefree kids.

It’s interesting how quickly things seem to be speeding up after such an introspective time due to Covid. I’m grateful for the lessons of prioritizing the “things that energize me” and “knowing when to say no” all in the name of making time for what truly matters. I’ll strive to remember to tap the brakes when possible, and enjoy the moments with food, drinks and meaningful convo with my peeps. Happy Birthday Will, and thank you to your lovely fiancé, Jennifer, for making your “40th +1” birthday redo one for the ages. Love from all of us and enjoy the video.

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