Vegetation Meditation: Nature’s Adderall

The Well Beyond Food Project: Post #4

So, how’s your mindfulness practice going? Does that nonsense in your noggin and the stuff it tells you ever shut up?

After years of meditation, my often racing mind and fleeting focus can’t always be coerced into a silent session of passing clouds behind closed eyes.

Personally, I’ve created other outlets to meet my mind where it’s at in order to find presence.
Foraging mushrooms in the woods is a newly discovered outlet that brings me into a space of instant calm, presence and playful awe.

My senses converge. I’m hyper aware of my surroundings. My mental chatter fades.
I can finally see nature’s nooks and crannies brimming with life. It’s like an Easter egg hunt and I’m a kid again, except I’m not attached to the outcome of winning, because the sense of “needing nothing” in this moment is already priceless.

No regrets. No fears. Just presence.

If I’m lucky, I can pass on the experience with friends by sharing my haul. For some reason the food tastes better and conversations are more meaningful. Thanks Lynn.

Mushroom foraging is a great metaphor and “vegetation meditation” is my jam.
What’s your outlet beyond meditation that quiets your mind?

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