Healing & the Human Experience

Part 3: Healing & the Human Experience

Imagine this. A simple conversation sans the triviality of weather, sports or gossip.

One person is speaking. Another person or group is listening. What is shared is authentic and meaningful for the person speaking, whether it’s laced with gratitude or fear. What happens next is where the magic lays.

Not only is it healing for the person speaking to be “seen” through their sharing, but it’s also healing for the listeners as well. The listener’s subconsciously convert the speaker’s words into their own lived experience, stoking feelings of curiosity, concern, inspiration, etc. In this brave act of getting feelings out of our heads, it’s freeing. And at the same time it gives those who’ve listened permission share their stories as well.

This connection, whether it be a fleeting moment with and Uber driver or standing next to a loved one on hospice care, is what matters at the end of the day. We tend to naturally “go away” and isolate when we are going through our sh*t. We hide behind shame, fear of judgment or simply feeling unworthy of another’s attention.

What’s ironic ia how the lifeline from those dark places can be harnessed with a stranger’s eye contact, a smile and them caring enough to ask… “how are you, really?” For as unique as each of us are, we are never alone in what we are working through in our lives. We just can’t see it when we’re blinded by our own sh*t.

The healing, hope and empowerment that comes from human connection is the secret sauce. Whether you’re into chicken or tofu, it’s time to take a dip and see what each of us has been missing. A little dab’ll do ya. Heck… it’s the Holidays! Get saucy!

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