Running Free

The Well Beyond Food Project: Post #3

For so long I avoided “being truly seen” because I didn’t feel like I fit the “healthy” persona that I’d worked so hard to create. I sought perfection in order to be worthy, credible and successful.

I was in opposition with myself at all times. Dieting. Over-Training. Over-Working. Over-Eating. Repeat. And finally, Burnout. On TV. Speaking on stages. Writing articles for magazines. All of it… except when teaching many of you side-by-side in my kitchens where I was me.

We come in all shapes, flavors and colors and when we accept ourselves, our minds morph, and with it comes true wellness. So many of us spend time & energy limiting ourselves based upon what others might think of us. This does not trivialize the unrest in the world, but it’s byproducts stifle momentum, compassion and innovation as changemakers. Nourish your “self” and start Running Free.

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