Looking Outward

Part 7: Looking Outward


FOOD is the universal language. 

LAUGHTER is the best medicine. 

EYES are the windows to the soul.

What do you think? What happens when you combine these? 

Well if I may, let me tell ya my thoughts…

Last July, I officially launched The Well Beyond Food Project, a consultancy that uses food to connect people. With food as a common language, we customize experiences that entertain, inspire and move people. 

In its basic form, we design food experiences that support organizations by deploying our various “projects” to promote the power of human connection.

We believe that connection is the epicenter of personal wellness which parlays into an organization’s overall wellness. 

Our “project” formats include:

·      Interactive Food & Nutrition Workshops: Serving our clients’ wellness programming initiatives.

·      Teambuilding Adventures: Serving our clients’ DEI initiatives

·      Culinary Marketing: Serving lifestyle brands & CPGs who need to connect both their customers AND employees to their brand’s mission and its product portfolios

FOOD: We nourish people figuratively and metaphorically.

LAUGHTER: We are empaths who know how to create a feeling, but we always start with smiles and laughter.

EYES: When we use the previous two elements, we empower people to “be seen and heard” so that they can see themselves in others.

It’s pretty awesome, honestly, and it’s uses and the impact it can create is endless.

If my messages or the work that I do resonates with your organization’s needs, I’d love the opportunity listen and create a meaningful, impactful solution. 

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