The Inflection Point

Part 5: The Inflection Point

I design food experiences that connect people and inspire action. I do this with colleagues, teams, executives, families and even complete strangers, by creating inflection points.

Beyond the stigma that the phrase inflection point evokes, especially my loathing of a TI 85 calculator, it’s actually very sentimental to the work I do at The Well Beyond Food Project.

Inflection Point: a moment when significant change occurs or may occur (MW). This version is simpler than its geometric counterpart. However, out of reverence for the math teachers I failed, I’ll concede my “When am I ever going to use this in life?” question, to this moment. Ironically, it’s an inflection point for this message.

Outside of the rigidity of equations, I use my own formulaic approach to customize events for my clients. My background in event design, communications and culinary arts converge to create human experiences that serve as an inflection point where people connect.

Sure, being a chef is part of what makes my work unique, but “It’s Not About The Food.” It’s about understanding people and the context for them to be seen and to see one-another, organically.

This is my art and a reflection of who I am, titles aside.

It should be mentioned that not all Inflection points trend upward. Their directions are determined by how we react to situations, whether within our control, or not.

However, there’s ALWAYS an opportunity to course correct. No matter how perilous the downside, another inflection point awaits your intersection. As it’s been true for me, these opportunities demand we be present, to both see, and be seen.

Is this not important, more than ever in these uncharted times?

I’m curious, was there a recent inflection point in your life that shifted your perspective or caused you to take action?

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